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Tim is a Certified MA, NLP Practitioner who has worked with hundreds of clients in the Bay Area and from around the world via video conferencing to help them achieve the personal transformation that they truly desire.

Tim Gallagher MA, NLP Practitioner Bay Area San Francisco Tim has had the honor to have trained with Carl L. Buchheit, Ph.D., Co-Founder of NLP Marin and one of the foremost experts and founder of the “NLP Marin” style of Transformational NLP. This personal change work approach is deeply rooted in mainstream NLP (Neuro-linguistics Programing), psychology, and psychotherapy (amongst other methods), allowing for a desired result to be achieved fairly quickly, 6 sessions on average, seeing the client once a month, in-person or over video conferencing in the comfort of one’s home.

If you’re feeling frustrated and stuck with where you are in your life or not achieving your desired results with your current change work process and you’re ready to achieve the personal transformation that you truly desire, please contact Tim to schedule your free consultation by clicking on “Free Consultation” at the top of the page.